Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bundeswehr Trupp

Second Post for today, as you can see, I spent my afternoon doing some wargaming-stuff.

As you have obviously noticed, I also changed the layout of my blog to get it a little brighter, more optimistic and appealing. The old layout was getting somewhat too dark for my taste and the map in the background didn´t fit that much, as I´m mostly doing modern stuff right now. Might have been right for renaissance, but somehow this project has suffered a backdrop as I´ve delved deeper into moderns. I´ll probably get back to it sometime in the future, but probably not too soon, which is why I dropped the theme for now.

Anyway, I´ve painted up more Bundeswehr Soldiers today and have already incorporated the MG-Gunner into the group. Now, I´m missing a Gunner for my second team (probably going to wield an MG4 instead of the MG3, as those are getting replaced on the squad-level) and I´ve got my first functional and fully assembled Gruppe.

German Troops taking cover in a rock formation

Do you still recognize the MG-Gunner? ;)

Suppressive Fire!


  1. They do!
    The gunner fits in perfectly with the other guys. Are the other ones Elhiem?
    I like the new layout as well by the way.

  2. Thank you guys!
    Yes, the other soldiers are Elhiem figures. I got another group with the same poses I already painted earlier, but they still need a fifth guy, which I will sculpt myself as well.