Sunday, September 15, 2013

Steel Beasts

It´s been another few weeks since my last update, but due to the fact that I was called back to work in september, my spare time shrinked together and was mostly spent on computer wargames, not on the tabeltop affairs.
Nevertheless, I´ve progressed a little and have some new things to show off - I´ve finished the additions to my German Panzergrenadiers on the infantry side, and my order has arrived weeks ago.

Now, there are two complete squads of Panzergrenadier Infantry and the corresponding Marders. I´m not 100% satisfied with the new infantry, as I somehow missed the colorscheme of the older version. Some of that difference in looks is probably due to the base, which is colored in a different way - I´ll have to repaint the old bases to match the new look, which looks more realistic anyway.

Together with the Marder IFVs, I´ve also ordered a T55 for cheap - surprisingly, it´s of excellent quality, even better than the Marders if you ask me:

This has cost me 6€, is fully painted and finely detailed. I´ve picked it up for half the price of an unassembled, unpainted Revell kit and even if I´d have to repaint it, I´d gladly buy more of those. Unfortunately, I´ve put a voluntary purchasing stop for my wargaming stuff for this month into action, after spending quite a bit during August. Maybe the offer is still there in October... on the other hand, I´m pondering if I really need more T55 - I´m in for playing Infantry platoon size actions with tanks being in purely in support for the Infantry  -  not combined arms companies...

Meanwhile, the African forces are growing to the point where I´ll soon have 2 platoons of infantry ready. I´ve sculpted a mortar team, but I´ll present this in a separate sculpting update with my other creations of the last month. For more support options, I´m preparing a DshK-HMG, but I´m still not done with the crew.

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