Friday, September 20, 2013

SEAL Team at the ready

After having two of my Seals ready for quite some time (one has been shown here already), I´ve finally taken heart to finish the team of four. All in boonie hats and equipped for missions behind enemy lines, to represent the camouflagy-variety of troops, not the heavy-gear troops in helmets.

Didn´t include any heavy weapons yet, but a M203 can be easily added with some putty, as well as high power optics. But no MG as part of the team yet.


  1. Hi,

    congrats! Now you have your own SEAL team ;-D

    I like the outcome, though those guys don't impress me as deep as the other sculpts did.

    Don't know what exactly bothers me, but for me they somehow lack of energy.

    I think we should talk about this in personal when I have got a bit more time.

    Take care


    1. Think I know what you mean by lack of energy. They are largely too relaxed for a deployment in the combat zone, the only guy who is tensed up enough to be credible is the kneeling one, who came out best in my opinion. The other sculpts are slightly too casual in their stance and body tension.