Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Desk turns into a City

Sorry for the silence around here, I´ve been a little busy and not very motivated to progress with my wargaming stuff after finishing the SEALs. I still have a Chain of Command Battlereport in my sleeves, but I don´t feel quite like writing it yet. However, a recent visit to our local building center has re-inspired me. So I´ve returned to what was long due: Constructing more urban buildings.
I´ve been able to acquire a polystyrene ball to use as a dome (or rather two) after cutting it in half.

With new zeal I´ve then constructed several new structures, with modular second stories to either use in urban or more rural environment. This is what my desk looked like yesterday afternoon (I´ve progressed with the newest building (second from the right) by now)

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