Monday, November 4, 2013

Armed Thug

Another small sidekick from my Germans that are still in their final phase: An Insurgent armed with an AK47 with beltrig (though hardly visible) and bomber-jacket.

A little bit more western in appearance, he can be used for anything from Chechen Militia to Arab Urban Insurgent with the right modification of Headgear, simply by adding a Shemagh, wool cap or face mask. By leaving him with plainly visible face, he could also starr as mafia-guy or simply gangsta.

He still needs boots and ears (originally planned to do him masked from the outset, but I like the grim expression on his face and don´t want to destroy it by masking him), otherwise he´s ready to go!

Edit: I just finished boots and ears real quick, just to get him off my list :)

I´m thinking about thickening his upper legs somewhat towards the center, what do you think?

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