Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sculpting something completely different

Merry Christmas to all :)

I´m using this blog entry for something completely different but related to scultping. I got some new tools for christmas and got an opportunity to use my sculpting skills and the new tools for something other than wargaming miniatures: Marzipan-Figures!

These are a christmas present for my uncle. They are panicking oranges, which is rather hard to explain in English due to the language barrier. My uncle will be getting a calendar with funny errors & spelling mistakes, and the page on top was a picture of a supermarket offering oranges with the label "Panische Orangen"  (panicking oranges)  - instead of "Spanische Orangen" (spanish oranges). So I decided to sculpt some panicking fruit as a sweet addition to this gift - and voila!

Used the new silicone color shapers for this job, worked very well without much sticking. So far, I´m quite happy with the new tools - requires some getting used to for working on smaller scale minis, but no sticking and no unintended tool marks on the putty. You´re going to see more pics of my work in progress soon, I reckon. But you know the deal, no promises, I´m bad at keeping them ;)

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