Sunday, January 5, 2014

Igor needs headgear

Hello and happy new year!

2014 has started with some new sculpting project and several minis are in the making at the moment. As a small sneak-peak, I will present Igor to you today, but at a price:

Igor needs headgear and I´m not quite sure which kind of cap fits his head best. 
Your opinion is needed! Please don´t just glance over the pics but take the time and leave a comment with your preferred option:

  1. Wooly Cap (Like this [EXTERNAL LINK!])
  2. Fidel Castro Cap or similar
  3. Chapka (Russian fur hat)
  4. Beret
  5. Bikers carf (tied around the head)
  6. Bald (no headgear, just add ears)
  7. Other options?
Please consider that I´m not giving him a mask, his face is already finished and looking good, no need to cover it and destroy the work I put into it :)

And here we go! I present to you - Igor:

Still work in progress and missing some other small details like pockets and such.

Vote for headgear in the comment section! 
Poll closes when I post the final version of Igor with headgear!

1 comment:

  1. My vote goes towards a basecap with radio equipment. If this seems not plausible, then I vote for the wooly cap.