Thursday, January 23, 2014

East Germans - Nationale Volksarmee

My next little side-project, creating some NVA soldiers. Basically adding a little variety to the Guerillas and IDF I´ve been working on lately. I might have some use for these later, Cold War gone hot is still on my horizon somewhere, but I´ve so far been put off by purchasing all the minis, painting them, building completely new terrain (mine is mostly arid desert or steppe, not suitable for Central Europe) and so this is my way of doing Cold War gone hot for now :)

First fellow, spotting on some enemy positions in the distance, though clearly not under fire judging from his relaxed pose ^^
This guy was my first test how the equipment would look like, without any distortions by movement or action poses.

Now on to the action pose, which is looking much better in my opinion...
A Motor Rifleman advancing with his bajonet attached!

I´ll be doing some more of these east german soldiers, dollies are pepared and as always, work as already begun (I´m using excess putty from the minis I´m actively working on to prepare the dollies and start on some minor details like legs)

After these (or in between), I´ll be finishing the Guerillas with some more M16 poses and add to the IDF line with maybe another group of patrolling soldiers. Not sure in which sequence though :)

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