Saturday, January 11, 2014

Very Secret - Work in Progress

Good evening (or afternoon, depending on where you live),

another stopgap post, as one if Igors friends is still grabbing his gear and dressing up for war before he´s going out with his mates. I hope to finish him tomorrow, but no promises, you know the deal :D

Igor himself has finally received his headgear, though participation has been meagre to say the least. My blog has lost a lot of attention from the audience during the autumn months of 2013 it seems. Anyway, Igor has gotten a wool cap but will only show it off with his companions - he IS a social guy, after all, and waiting for his last mate.

So for today, another secret work in progress that has started while my Insurgents are in their finalisation phase:

I´ve also upgraded and expanded my Arsenal of selfmade weapons to become independent on suppliers of readymade weapons and avoid any disputes in the future. Of course I still have more hidden away, but to show them would give you too much hints about these guys above...

So this is the very basic kit, M16s, AKs, PKMs, RPGs. Nothing fancy. The fancy stuff will be revealed later :)   And I´ll be working on mor additions as I go along with new projects, building all the stuff I need myself and replicating them with Oyumaru / Quick Mould / Instant Mould, which suits my needs for now.

Soo - happy guessing and seeya soon with Igor & his friends!

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