Sunday, January 12, 2014

Igor & Friends - Modern Insurgents

As promised (what a rare occasion), I finished the last Insurgent that is going to battle with Igor. Now, they´re all willing to present themselves:

Some parts are sculpted with newly arrived grey apoxie sculpt that I obtained as an addition for my white putty to mark different stages / gear / clothing or simply to mix up.
Somehow the fresh putty has a better consistency than the white apoxie, don´t know if its just the age or if there´s a different in the mixture, but it´s working better for me, so I´ll be using it more often as long as it stays that way :D

Back to the minis themselves -  I´ve sculpted these as variation, some more westernish, northern hemisphere urban Insurgents  / armed thugs / ganster types. Some might actually be useful for Syria as well, but they could be suitable for Cold War gone Hot Resistance Fighters (Wolverines!) or things like that.

Igor has his new headgear, think it suits him quite well. Also, I´m very proud of the AK of the hooded guy in the middle.

The heavy weapon guys. Two RPG gunners in Greatcoat / schmock and a PKM gunner. Might have to take another photo of him though, you can hardly see the details on him.

And the backside, to show off the clothes of my RPG guys.

Coming up next - more very secret project builds and Insurgents like above with Western Weaponry (M16s / M4s for a start)

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