Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Figure a Day - Day 7: Willem

A bit stressed out today, so I´ll leave the usual talking aside and just post a single picture instead of several. Tomorrow will be even worse. :(


  1. Nice looking figure!
    I hope things look better for you soon.

    1. Don´t worry, just the usual pre-exam stress with some nasty math tasks. Should be over on thursday, after that it´s more manageable topics

    2. Ouch; I hate pure math :D
      What topic are you studying, if I may ask?

      I just finished my two year degree in general science, and am moving on to start work on my final two years in a chemistry program at a different university beginning late next month. You're not the only one here that is stressing!

    3. I´m in the business economics finishing the last exams before doing the master thesis. In retrospect, I´d rather have studied psychology ;-)
      Got an Operations Research Exam tomorrow - and that is almost exclusively mathmatical optimisation. And it is taught very theoretically, which is not the way it suits me best... fortunately, I had most of the stuff in my bachelor studies, so it´s mostly refreshing old memories - but is still sucks ;)

    4. I found the two semesters that I had to take of economics to be very interesting. My professor was also a great teacher, so that helps, too.
      I hope that the tests went well for you. Good luck on your future studies :D