Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pimp my Taliban - Part 1

I´ve recently noticed that I´ve got a lot of Insurgents in my collection and while I keep adding more and more (or drafting plans to do so) I´ve neglected the very basic stock of figures that has been with me from the start.

Throughout the last gaming sessions I´ve realised that some of my very first 20mm figures need a serious workover to bring them up to my modern painting standards. My philosophy back then was to prepare them for gaming as fast as possible in order not to lose interest in the hobby again, as it happened before when I didnt´get to play that much.

As I´m still waiting on my next shipment of casts from my own production, I´ve decided that now is a good time to rework my Insurgents, bring them up to my current painting standard and improve their overall look.

So here we go. I tried something new in relation to color modulation and I´m pleased with the results so far - especially on the white parts of the miniatures, where washes always produces strange results. This time, I started with a grey base color and lightened up the white parts bit by bit. 

They do look much better than the old figures.  Remember how they looked? No?
Well... here´s an impression back from 2012 (not exactly the same figures though):

And here´s the impression from 2014:

More repainted Taliban are on the way, when I´m done I might be able to justify adding more new troops to the lot :D


Regarding the sculpting front: I´m busy with doing some comissions at the moment, probably not much news on this aspect of the blog for a few days, I´ll try to fill the break with painting. :)

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