Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DPM / Woodland - Painting Tutorial

Hey folks,

I´ve been asked to do a tutorial on my DPM / Woodland camo, so I took some photos while painting the latest mini and here we go:

The end result is supposed to look somehwat like that:

Only difference is: we´re painting an Insurgent today.

Before we start, a word of CAUTION:
The pictures where taken under my neon tube, which distorts the colors! The green is much greener than it appears in normal sunlight. So don´t worry if your results done look exactly as on the pictures!

We´re starting with priming the minis and adding a pre-shading by spraying some grey primer on top of the black one. You can probably achieve a similar result when working just on the plain primer, but I prefer it this way.

Next we start with the base color, which is  Russian Uniform Green (VJ 70.924)

If you want to apply wash or shade, now is the time. Put it on, let it dry, repaint the parts that are not supposed to be dark with russian green.

After this step, we make this a little bit greener by adding a diluted layer of Olive Green (VJ 70.967) or German Camo Bright Green (70.833) to create some depth.  Please don´t paint the highlighting color all over the mini, only on the elevated parts!

Now I add patches of Desert Yellow (71.122), which is an AirModel Color. I believe the standard model color equivalent is Iraqi sand or somesuch.

The trick here is to add the yellow patches on the elevated parts of the uniform, where the light would hit it. This way, you create the appearance of more depth which is usually lost when painting camouflage all over the figure.
The figure now looks like this -  Sorry for the blurry picture:

Next step is adding patches of German Camo Medium Brown (70.826) - preferably on the darker parts of the uniform, but you probably need to add more blobs elsewhere.

Now where getting close to the finishing line. Grab your Olive green again and highlight the edges of the uniform, the raised parts of folds in the cloth, etc. 

Then  use  German Camo Black Brown (70.822) to paint the dark pattern. Be very careful, you have to paint rather thin lines. I apply the color by using just the tip of the brush and a very low dilution (almost pure color, just a tiny tiny bit of water to improve the paintflow). 

If you look at the original pattern you´ll see that it´s usually three lines joined together in the middle.

Now re-highlight the edges again with Olive green if you´ve painted over them and maybe add a second layer of edge highlighting with a slightly lighter greentone (I mix it myself, using Olive Green and White or Ivory)

Et voila:

That´s about it. Now take care that you don´t destroy the camo again while painting the rest of the figure :D 

Good luck!

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