Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Random Mix

A quick overview over the results of last weeks work. A very random mix as I just worked on what I liked most.

First: Tanks in various stages of production.  The foremost T55 is the most advanced stage, the others are lagging several steps behind. 

The T55 are pimped in support of my East Germans, now finally getting prepared for some Cold War Hot action.   Again, still WIP and missing the essential highlights, so they´re looking rather dull right now. Add the wrong camera focus and you get a less then impressive pic:

On the sculpting front, I took the time to base the recent productions  - two Bundeswehr Riflemen and a US M249 gunner. 

Also working on a US Team leader to get the second fireteam finished before I send in the next lot.

For those of you who haven´t noticed:  I also put the figures from the last batch (SAS, Insurgents, US & Taliban) online, anybody who wants to grab them can do so - they´re just missing pretty pictures as my time to paint them up is a bit limited and when I do paint my focus is elsewhere at the moment.

That´s it for now... work is holding me back, but unfortunately I can´t eat miniatures ;)

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