Saturday, January 10, 2015

2 Years of Sculpting

...can´t believe it´s actually that much already O.O

Anyway, this post is a short look back. Two years ago I wouldn´t have imagined to run a small webshop selling my own stuff (though honestly it´s just a hobby store, nothing that makes any money) and taking commissions from other people.

Some of you might remember my first attempts when I started in January 2013:

Well.. yeah...

Let´s quickly skip ahead to the figures a year later, January 2014:

These were already looking a bit better and people began starting to ask nagging questions if I´d have some of my 2014-vintage minis cast and made available to the public. I had made a test-run with casting a selection of Africans mid to late 2013 but never considered selling these on a regular basis. With time going by I started considering that option, as more and more figures began piling up on my shelf which would never see any action as I merely built them for my own enjoyment.
I started weighting costs, risks and opportunities and made a decision: I´d build my own, low-cost website to distribute my figures and put some venture capital into the buildup that wouldn´t yield any return on the bank anyway at th current interest rates.
So I started programming and designing the website, learned some new skills and finally opened the shop in June, fully expecting it to be a side-occupation. Being able to invest all income from the shop into new figures, I slowly built up my ranges and continue doing so.
Though the ranges are growing there is still a long way to go - but I will continue if time and money allow me to :)

And speaking of old figures - I´m dropping the price for some of the older sets to make them more attractive - they are below my current quality level, so they should be below the price of current sets as well.

My plans for 2015 are: 
-Expanding my portfolio with new sets
-Releasing "Code Red" as an alternative modern ruleset to FoF. (In german, guess the english version won´t be ready in 2015)
-Design & Offer suitable starter packs for Code Red
-and probably much more I can´t even conceive right now.

So todays figures, current quality level -  you already know him:

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