Saturday, January 17, 2015

Chocolate Commandos (SAS)

Not real chocolate though ;) 

I needed a break from sculpting orange minis all the time. I really like the orange putty, but sometimes I reach a point when I need another color to work with. So I threw in some blue, sculpted some dollies that I could use for a variety of ranges (Cold War British, Modern Germans, Cold War Germans in Cold Weather Gear, anything wearing a parka actually) and cast them in metal.

Then I mixed my orange and blue putty to try a new color, and the result was... chocolate brown!

So, these are new SAS, expanding/replacing my first set of Commandos with M16. These will be skirmishing, two more firefight-poses are being prepared.

Meanwhile, I´ve resumed work on the playtest version of Code Red - the german version will enter playtesting soonish, the first draft has been issues to the testers for proof-reading and pointing out any obvious mistakes. A lot of work is coming along...

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