Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Red Army

As I didn´t feel much inspired by painting more Taliban, SpecOps or anything else I had in my list, I scoured through my tin mountain to find a set of figures I felt like painting. On this occasion, I found a group of Soviet Cold War Motor Rifles that I traded for some surplus Taliban a while ago - and I started painting.

The big pro of these Cold War Soviets is that you don´t need to care about camouflage patterns or minute deailwork on the uniforms - all you need is a single tone, which makes them ideally suited for a more mass-production style painting.
Thanks to my airbrush the basecoating and rough highlighting of the uniform was quickly finished, which left me with just the guns, boots faces, helmets and webbings to paint by hand - after that, all was highlighted and oil washed (never did that before for 20mm minis, but it worked out alright and even considering the extra layer of varnish it really isn´t that much more work if you consider that you don´t have to re-apply your basecoat as usual)

The result looks like this, not much different from the usual product, but it felt much faster than the other minis I painted in smaller batches lately.

Which of course means I now need more Soviets, as these models are very cool. So I´ll go for a mix of the newish Elhiem Soviet Rifleman and producing my own Support Weapons, as I´m not quite satisfied with the older RPG- & LMG sets matt has available - something about them doesn´t tick my box and it would still leave me short of the requiered amount of UGL-grenadiers.

Work has already commenced and two RPGs are already finished... just taken no photos yet.

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