Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cold War Figures

After some work restyling the website, I´ve finally come back to sculpting some more figures - so it´s about time for another preview session.

As you know, I´ve painted some Cold War Soviets a few weeks ago, and I´m still missing good support weapons. To supplement my collection I sculpted some of these and will add them as a support weapon pack to my Webshop, in case someone else is interested in picking them up.

The set will bring 2 Grenadiers and 2 RPG-Gunners. Maybe I´ll add an RPK-gunner here as well, if I can come up with a good pose - everything I tried so far looked ugly.

I´m also thinking about preparing some opponents for the Soviets, but it hasn´t moved much beyond the first concept figure:

Of course, I´m not entirely stuck in the Cold War Section but also preparing a new SADF squad, a new set of Eastern European Insurgent Support Weapons, Modern French troopers, another set of British and much more in the planning stage... 

Unfortunately my finals have thrown my usual release schedule into disarray, so you probably won´t see any releases for September until I have caught up with producing new masters.

Until then!

And don´t forget to check out the website with it´s new design :) 


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    1. Thanks! Hoping to catch up with more nice figures throughout the coming weeks ;)