Saturday, January 30, 2016

"Push through!" - Soviet Infantry

This is the final post about Soviets in a while (unless I finish painting the Support Weapons or the vehicles) and actually, just more of the same.

Again, we see a mix of the two painting techniques - figures in the background and on the left are washed, the leader and the two men on the right are shaded without wash.

So, time for more background info:

I´ll be playing these Soviet forces in an attempt to get more playtesting for Regular vs. Regular engagements with Code Red, the modern ruleset that I am still working on.  Somehow playing Russians vs. USA does not feel as thrilling when set in modern times compared to a Cold War Setting.  Furthermore, I´ve long been invested in the setting emotionally (when starting Force on Force, I decided to play Afghanistan and not Cold War, but building up Cold War Forces was planned right from that time on, when I first re-entered wargaming in 2012) - and the British Units were already set up.

After finishing the infantry, more vehicles are required. I´ve already assembled some BTR-80 transports for my Motorized Infantry.

Apart from that, all I need to go hot is better terrain, especially some buildings for central Europe. I´ve seen some H0 railway model builds in action on another table I recently played on, and I think it´s a valid option to consider. They´re not 100% correctly sized, but they suit about right  - and with a slightly distorted ground-scale it could be a cheap way of building a nice table.

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