Thursday, January 28, 2016

"Spread out and fire at the barn!" - Soviet Infantry

Again returning to the main batch of Soviet Infantry.

I think I said all about the painting process of these, so today I´ll focus on the surrounding trivia about this force.

About a year ago I painted some British Cold War Infantry and some self-made East Germans, but somehow I don´t like my own figures anymore (they´re very early sculpting attempts and by now means compatible with my modern quality standards).

The growing discontent with these WarPac troops forced me to make a choice:  Resume playing with these,  pimping the forces or swapping for a different WarPac faction.
Option 1 was out due to the already mentioned discontent.
Option 2 would require either major investment (time and money) into sculpting new figures or purchasing new East Germans. Matt at Elhiem figures released some NVA troops last year, but they don´t suit my taste -  I can´t even tell you why.  It´s a mix of the helmets looking wrong and the fact that Matt has re-used the same dollies/poses one time to many on these guys.  I already have two lines with exactly the same poses  (Taliban + regular Insurgents)...   Combine these two and they are out of the picture. Sculpting also wasn´t an option as my priorites in 2015 did not include Cold War figures.
Though that does not mean that I´ll never sculpt my own NVA troops ;)

And Option 3 finally came along as an associate traded a small pack of Russians on very good terms for items that I didn´t need any more.  They formed the core of my new Soviet Forces  - and I just added some more.

That´s it for today!

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