Friday, February 26, 2016

"In the tight spot" - Part I - Code Red Ambush Scenario

Last saturday I had the opportunity to set up a scenario at our monthly gaming day. As usual, I used the opportunity to playtest some aspects of the game.
This time around, my intention was to test a potential scenario setup that had hence been tested just once. The scenario was set up with the help of the scenario generation procedure I devised for the rules.

More on this might be discussed in a separate dev diary as soon as my thoughts have matured and undergone more testing. 

The US force of two infantry squads in Stryker ICVs plus attached MG and command team found themselves surrounded on their patrol route through Resistobynsk, a troublesome hotspot somewhere in Eastern Europe...

Pitted against them was the local opposition, mostly local militia bolstered by some competent leadership. Greeted with incoming RPG fire, the US infantry debussed and took defensive positions.
With some elements under the stress of incoming fire, the scenario started. 

The objectives were clear-cut:  The US forces must break through the enemy ambush with a successful counterattack while keeping losses to a minimum.They had three potential angles to push through. The Resistobynskian Insurgents just had to bide their time and kill enough Americans before melting away.

Setup: US Forces in the centre,  Insurgents all around

The battle commenced with little maneuver as the units exchanged fire.  The US units found themselves trapped in vicious crossfire, hit by incoming fire from their flanks no matter their facing.
But western firepower is not to be underestimated and the Insurgents got to feel that as they started taking casualties.

But so did the American units. The first few casualties were lucky and turned out to be merely stunned or lighly wounded, but fortune turned quickly and soon, two soldiers lay dead and seriously wounded.  The Platoon commander had to act.
With RPGs swooshing overhead, a fireteam was embarked into one of the Strykers while a second team maneuvered onto the southern position of the Insurgents.

Meanwhile to the north, the Insurgents kept up firing onto the second squad and the MG team, inflicting more and more casualties in a single fireteam whil the M240-team fought back viciously.

But the battle was yet to be decided - on the southern edges of the perimeter...

Part 2 will follow tomorrow!

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