Sunday, February 28, 2016

"In the tight spot" - Part II - Code Red Ambush Scenario

After getting stuck in a vicious ambush, the battle hangs in the balance. US Forces have taken casualties and are creeping ever closer towards exceeding their threshold for defeat, but have now taken up positions to launch their counterattack in the south.

With one fireteam ready to provide suppressive fire on enemy positions, the US commander dispatches a fireteam to assault an enemy strongpoint along the southern perimeter of the battlefield.

There, a group of Insurgents has taken up position at a rock formation, taking potshots at US forces. Without RPGs, they are unable to stop the Stryker rolling towards them and have little choice but to keep their heads down as HMG fire blasts over their heads.

Suppressed by the Stryker and the second Fireteam, the Insurgents are caught off guard when the US assault team disembarks their vehicle, going straight into close combat.
After a hail of handgrenades and a few short bursts from their assault rifles at close distance, the US team has overrun the first of two positions.

The focus now shifts to the second position, where the Resistobynskian Insurgents are waiting in a prepared fortified position. The covering fireteam is ordered to move into the enemies flank, pouring more lead downrange and suppressing the Insurgents. 

Depleted by casualties and morale effects, the insurgents are no match for the close assault that is now commencing. In a second assault, the US forces clear out the sandbag position and secure the southern edge of the field.

After realising that their southern position has been overrun, the Insurgents decide that enough damage has been done and pull out to fight another day.

In the end, US forces suffered three KIA and some light wounds, barely winning the firefight and escaping the deadly ambush with a very close victory. The Insurgent bodycount is estimated to 10-15 casualties.

My conclusions:

I set up this game in order to test the scenario parameters a second time, and it seems to work fine as far as I can tell. I need to test it against regular troops someday, but it´s definitely an interesting setup.

Basic infantry combat works fine by now and the focus is shifting towards polishing the game by tweaking mechanics outside infantry combat, adding optional / special or advanced rules and by working on the scenario generation procedure.

In time, I will release the QuickStarter rules containing a very basic and condensed version of the Infantry combat rules to give you a feeling of how they actually play and what you can expect in the long run.

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