Friday, March 4, 2016

Space Marine Sergeant

After watching a few more painting tutorials and how-to´s on youtube, I felt like painting a Space Marine from my stash of 28mm minis to practice advanced painting techniques.
After three days of painting this guy (I think I spent about 5-6 hours on him in total, including assembly), he is finally ready to be presented:

Note how I managed to remove all skulls from this model - I still don´t get how Games Workshop forces their sculptors to put skulls all over the model. There´s just no other possible explanation - it´s rather hard to find models that don´t have skulls somewhere, there must be a corporate order to maintain a skull-per-miniature ratio of at least X  over their entire range...

Anyway, I carved away the skull on his helmet and sculpted a gem into the centre of the wings of his chestplate - I also managed to find shoulder plates without skulls to fit onto the model.

Then I went with classic blue scheme with some yellow and red here and there.
I attempted to paint some non-metallic metal on his belt, eagle wings, knife and gun.

All in all, I´m pretty happy with the result. There are some learning points I´ll take with me for future reference and I still have to work on improving the precision brushwork to create very fine lines, but I am very happy how this mini turned out.

...even if it´s a Space Marine :P

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