Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Genoese Galleys

Hi again,

easter holidays are over and here´s some cool new stuff! 
I got inspired by a fellow german wargamer when looking over his project log over on another forum I frequently visit. He had been scratch-building galleys out of thin air and achieved some very decent results...

Being a long time fan of renaissance galleys and only lacking the right models (most are too big for my taste, and almost all too expensive for a sideproject) to give serious consideration to starting a small fleet, his work fell on fertile ground.

As I returned home yesterday, I decided to give this method a try, did some very quick and rought research and calculated how large my ships should be to suit my taste. I ended up with a scale of 1:1000, which turns a historical ship of about 40-50m  into a nice and tiny 4-5cm Ship.

Then, I got my sheet of plasticard and started cutting the pieces then gluing them together and created my first two ships within about 2-3 hours next to doing some other things.

The raw ships where then primed an painted - all the details and textures I tried to add are brushwork
 In the end, I held two Genoese Galleys in my hands, and I´m definitely going to build more ships using the same techniques!

I already got the raw body of a smaller Galiot on my desk to add some scouting and screening capabilities to my small task force.  Then I need to decide which enemy would be suitable.  Ottoman are the obvious choice, but I consider doing some berber ships, maybe from Algeria or Tunisia instead.  Nothing is settled yet.

And don´t ask me why I chose Genoa. The flag appealed to me...


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