Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Shelled Trees

Quite some time ago, I had started on a rather small terrain piece to create some very localised rises to enhance the otherwise flat playing surface. I never finished it and actually held it in my hands once to discard it.  This weekend I picked it up again and changed my original plan by adding more interest to the pile of dirt I had originally planned.

Unfortunately the picture doesn´t look as good as the original as I screwed up with the light settings this time, be assured it looks a lot better in reality. I was just too lazy to assemble the camera again to take a better photo.

Anyway, onto the original pile I added a lot of treestumps with rugged edges to represent a part of the landscape that took some damage by recent fighting in the area.  Adding the trees also allowed me to make it look individual on the battlefield, rather than just another pile of dirt, without putting much effort into it.

It´s large enough to give cover to a fireteam or machine gun, and will count as hard cover in my games.  Looking forward to giving it a place on the next battlefield.

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