Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"Watch your Step" - IEDs!

These devices were in the pipeline to get rebased on thin, synthetic cork bases. They are very early designs, left over from an age where I wasn´t as adept in painting and modelling.

To rebase them, I essentially rebuilt them completely. It´s very simple to create these IED-markers from scrap. Take some plastic sprues (preferably round pieces), cut them down to the right size and glue them onto the base. If you have thin wire, you can use them to further enhance the model.

Here I chose to paint them green, like discarded artillery munitions, but you can probably use all sorts of colors to create piles of junk where explosives might be hidden using the same building blocks cut from leftover sprues.

I painted the wires blue and red for an extra eye catching effect. The rest of the piece is created using the usual basing techniques.

Tomorrow,  I´ll show you more terrain.

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