Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Calling Home - YPJ Female Militia Leader

Today we continue with some pics of the new Female Militia set.

On this figure I attempted to emulate MARPAT Woodland Camo and I think it turned out ok.
If you want to try it at home, the recipe can be found after the jump. 

 To paint US Marpat-W I applied a basecoat of a light Olive Green and washed the figure with my dark wash (a home-made mix of several colors, washes and airbrush thinner that I find to work quite well).  While the wash is still wet, I soak up excess wash from the raised surfaces (arms and back of the figure)

I then reapplied the basecoat after the dark was has thoroughly dried.  Then, I add a little bit of off white - in my case VJ Ivory - to the green and lighten up the raised edges in several iterations until I´m happy with the lightness and darkness of the uniform.

Afterwards, I added  areas of light brown (VJ Cork Brown was my choice).

The next steps are precision work - apply small horizontal stripes of desert color (for ex. VJ Iraqi sand) and, once you´re done - apply even smaller stripes of a very dark brown (f.e.  VJ German Camo Black Brown).  

The last step is cleanup, if your stripes are too big you can break them up with one of the other colors to make the pattern more intricate. 

Sorry for the lack of pics, I´ve not taken any during the painting progress.
I hope my description still gives you an idea.

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