Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Painting Pestilence - Blightking WIP

Today I have something special for you.

Throughout the last weekend I worked on painting a Games Workshop Blightking that I converted a bit to make it even more unique than the standard options allow me.
He sat in the queue for a few months after I painted the other two blightkings 

I had him primed in Black and Grey using my Airbrush, but all of the following painting procedure was done solely using a brush..

On saturday I finally started and went into full painting mood. I picked a small detail to begin - the head he carried on the armor -  and worked my way outward.

 I thought that taking pictures of my palette would give you a good impression on the colors used. Bottom to top we have:
- Dark Sea Blue (VJ MC)
- Imperial Blue (VJ GA)
- Hexed Lichen (VJ GA)
- Dark Green (VJ GA)
- Armour Green (VJ MA)
- Hull Red (VJ MA)
- Black (VJ MC)

And from the left to the right edge:
- Cork Brown (VJ MC)
- Tan Yellow (VJ MC)
- Dark Flesh (VJ MC)
- Ivory (MC)

VJ = Vallejo
MC  = Model Color
GA = Game Air
MA = Model Air

Most of the intermediate colors where created by mixing these to different degre, as we will see when the palette changes as we go along.  I´m not even sure if I touched the Dark Flesh at all.

Next you can see how I started to build up the red armor. Before I did this I put in some edge highlights in white onto the black-grey gradient, hoping it would shine through and create some depth. In the end I added another edge highlight later on, so that was a bit of a waste. 

Apart from that, it was just several thin layers of Hull Red.
After that was done, I had a nice coat of red on the armor parts.

Next time, I´ll show you how I built up on that, so stay tuned to see the mini taking shape!

I you like this format and would like to see more like this, let me know in the comments.

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