Sunday, May 18, 2014


Hey all,

this blog has just breached the 15000 pageviews mark, so I wanted to thank everyone who´s shown interest and support for my little projects so far. To celebrate this little occasion, I´m throwing in a mix of things from the last few days.

I´ve been painting my selfmade Taliban up to presentation standard, here´s one of the figures I´ve been working on today. Still have to finish one more.

 On Friday, Special Forces here trying to save a downed helicopter crew and snatch a weapon dealer who was being transported in said helicopter and tried to escape -  while testing the FoF-Improvement Project.  They got swarmed by Taliban and suffered several seriously wounded due to leadership issues and bad die rolling.

On Saturday, we took off into the air at a local convention, my MiGs hunting two F4 over the skies of Vietnam. Unfortunately, after turns of maneuvering my opponent into a deadly downward spiral, almost ready to take the kill, the second F4 blasted my skilled pilot with a missile, effectively ending th game. I now hate rockets and claimed I would only play Korean Air War, where I can finish planes with guns, like a real fighter Ace!   >:-(

We also had Marines rescuing another team of human relation personell out of a combat zone. Running the scenario twice, we had one clear victory for the Americans and one clear victory for the Taliban.

It´s always the chicks getting into trouble. This time with an escort of Afghan Policemen.

And while I painted my Taliban, my friend (the same who did the Su-27) worked on this awesome Mig-29 digicamo. So he is now in charge of painting my planes... unfortunately he will not be visiting me again for the next two months. :(

So that´s a quick review of my long wargaming weekend!
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Have a good time! 


  1. Congratulations on this milestone!
    The games look really great: it must have been a lot of fun.
    Oh, and your sculpted figure looks awesome painted!

  2. CY6 JA is awesome due to rockets. Don't say otherwise :D
    And you misspelled 1500000 ;)

  3. Nice report, good looking street combats, and congrats!