Thursday, May 8, 2014

SADF Section - Finished!

After a few more days of work, the first SADF section is finally finished! My original plan was to take photos of the entire section when the light was better, but unfortunately it didn´t improve throughout the day - overcast and now rainy, so I decided I had to do things with artificial light and some GIMP-magic, as I´m leaving tomorrow and won´t be here for the weekend. So excuse me if the pictures have different levels of lighting and contrast.

This is the full section of 8 men, including a GPMG, an RPG and the Section leader as special figures. I somehow failed to distinguish the second in command from the ordinary riflemen. Alternative heads are mostly done, I need to finish two of the helmets and they´ll be supplied together with the rest of the troopies for head-switches to helmeted version.

This is the closeup of the right part of the picture above, left to right with a rifleman, platoon lead, RPG gunner, Assistant GPMG Gunner,  FN-MAG machinegunner and another rifleman (supposed to be 2nd in command).

And the closeup of the other ordinary riflemen on the left part of the picture. I also filed down some of the rifles a little more, still feels like I could file off a little more...

Last but not least, a special figure I did on the sideline, with the excess putty from the normal guys. A SADF casualty marker. My original plan was to add the arm to the figure, but somehow I felt like it´s not necessary to add it, with the figure being a casualty anyway... What do you think? Is the gruesome depiction of the amputated arm too much?

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