Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Road Clearing - Playtest #2 - Bloodbath

While waiting for some new figures to harden I might as well continue with the BatRep.

In Part 3 we saw the US getting pinned down close to their first objective with the Humvee taken out by a lucky shot and American Soldiers in the crossfire.

At the start of Turn 7, the Light Mortar Salvo arrived with some delay and deviation.

Of course Allahs Hand guided the Mortar rounds right onto the top of the Infidel Invaders, striking fear into their hearts. Three Americans are wounded or killed by the detonation among their ranks.

Retreating from the battered position into the nearby fields, they find two dead and one seriously wounded, taking the Fireteam down to one effective member who has to tend to the critically njured.

More casusalties are the result of the other firefights of last turn - all in all, a pretty devastating first aid phase for the US.

The Taliban have initiative this turn and continue pouring fire into the battered troops by the Humvee-wreck. The firefight is pretty ineffective for both sides, nothing happening due to bad shooting, good cover and good morale.

Taliban-Team 4 now maneuvers towards the rock formation to get into close range and engage the Fireteam that is exchanging bullets with the Taliban MG-Group (Cell 1).
They manage to pin them down and inflict another casualty.

The Stryker now turns the gun barrel towards the MG-Group (Cell 1) and suffers a malfunction due to an Event Card / Fog of War.

The US Player is getting desperate and keeps calling for an A-10 to bail him out, but none is currently available. Support is being scrambled but will take time to come on station.

Turn 8 begins and the American commanders seem to get their act together by rolling a good initiative roll. Unfortunately it will be hard to turn this into any tangible results with all the trouble going on....

They chose to regroup under the Cover of the M2-Humvee which engages Team 4 to no effect (missing their shots) and gather their effective squads at the Stryker.

Observing the cluster of activity that forms around the Stryker, the Taliban leaders again radio their Mortar crew to drop more rounds on that position. Again, the rounds land squarely on top of the Stryker and while they are not capable or arming the ICV, the troops taking cover behind it are certainly effected.

Another casualty is caused by the Mortar rounds.

Meanwhile the Taliban leadership is trying to get their RPG on target to kill off the Stryker, but the RPG gunner are unwilling to expose themselves. Cowards!
The HMG-crew isn´t very cooperative either and keep ignoring the call to arms as I try to reposition them closer to the fight.

So I order my leader to get down there, do some slapping and drag the unwilling recruits to the fight.

Turn 9 then follows suit.

The mortar casualty is found lightly wounded, scratched by some shrapnels but easily fixed up.
 The M2 Humvee fires at Group 4, again failing to inflict any damage.

The battered Team from second squad (2-2) moves into the Stryker to drop their critical casualty and reorganize themselves.

The Stryker joins the Humvee and opens up at Team 4 as well, I try to interrupt this with my RPG-team. Again they display their cowardise by ignoring my command!

The Stryker manages to pin my Team 4 but fails to cause any more casualties.

Meanwhile, the Taliban radio their Mortar again to drop more rounds at the previous position (which is giving a bonus compared to chosing another target point!).

As a last activation for my turn, I move the HMG-team closer towards the white compound, this time they follow the command.

Turn 10 starts with the Mortar barrage arriving, again landing squarely on target with one round exploding on top of a US soldier, instantly killing him.

Again, Stryker and HMG-Humvee are battering Team 4 - this time the RPG-Team manages to interrupt, but the RPG swooshes past the target and explodes a few meters back. The blast does inflict more casualties on the Fireteam (2-1) taking cover behind the vehicle. The return fire from the Stryker is rather unpleasant for the RPG-crew though, taking down both members.

The focused fire on Team 4 causes the expected amount of casualties and neutralises the team.

Finally, the US Infantry starts to join in with their fires on Team 1 and Team 7. They manage to take down a member of my MG-Team and pin it in place, but their fire in Team 7 is ineffective.

In my last activation I try to end the game, with 42 Victory points and 2 Fog of War cards in my hand I need a 6+ to win if my opponent doesn´t spend any of his own..

He does spend two Fog of War cards he has on his hand, forces me to test on 8+ on a D10 to carry the victory home...

And that´s it.

Knowing they have hit the Americans hard and fearful of Air Support coming on station or QRF troops rushing in the Taliban disengage in an organised fashion and scatter into the underbush and hide among the locals in the nearby village.

US Media outlets are feeding the bleak news to the public and another brick in the wall crumbles...

Last part will be a small post-game analysis.

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