Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Upcoming Enfilade Figures - Preview

EDIT Nov. 08:  These are available now in the shop, though only with these preview-pics for most of the sets as I didn´t (and won´t) have any time to paint them all up properly. US Infantry will get a second fireteam + squadleader, so this set is a preliminary release and will be expanded into a full squad with the next batch of casts.


Getting home today I found a nice little package in my letterbox...  New casts!

So after basing and giving them a little pre-shading with black and grey primer, here we are with a small preview:

US Infantry in IOTV

SAS with SLR

Taliban Small Cell with Leader

Eastern European Insurgents with AK.

An together with those last four, Babai and his Crew will also be released as a second pack. I got no photos of him as he´s already half-painted, but here´s an old pic to refresh your memory:

All the new figures are slightly larger than the previous minis I made, as I got several comments on their size being a little bit smaller than other 20mm minis. So these should be a better fit!

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