Friday, October 24, 2014

The Russians are coming!

Hey folks,

with the next batch being processed by the caster (scheduled to arrive sometime next week, release soon after) I initially started working on the second US Fireteam to complete my squad, when an unexpected opportunity presented itself.

Russians in "Ratnik" Suits - Image Source:  RIA Novosti

A german customer looking to build up a modern Russian Force agreed to fund the creation of a full squad of Russians - modern Russians with "Ratnik" Combat suit. As these where somewhere down on my list of things to build sooner or later I was able to offer a very favourable commission fee and we set in motion the creation of 7 poses for Modern Russians.

So I suspended my work on the Americans and started doing Russians :)

(The figure on the left is still work in progress, the others are pretty much finished)

Some more pics from earlier stages:

Two perspectives on the same guy, the RPK-Gunner.

The RPG-gunner, with his sights still missing and a Grenadier with GP-25.

Of course these Russians will be available in my shop as soon as I got them produced. If you like to see more Russians, you can either encourage me by buying the set once they are available or get in touch with me and support me by financing another pose or two.

The conditions are pretty good I think: You get to propose the pose and armament and supposing it´s not absolutely ridiculous, I´ll sculpt it according to your suggestions or change it slightly by taking artistic license.
I´ll retain full rights for production and distribution - this will enable me to offer this at the ridiculous price of about 10-20€ per pose (depending on complexity, armament, etc.) - and you´ll get a few casts of your pose (you´ll have to pay the shipping bill though, which can be combined with a standard order, i.e. by purchasing the other Russians you haven´t financed).

If you´re interested in supporting this, please contact me through info -at- enfilade-figures -dot- com.
Consider it a mini-kickstarter or a discounted commission offer.

Of course this opportunity will not last forever and is explicitly geared towards Modern (2014+) Russians. If you´re interested in commissioning another kind of figure, you may still contact me, but expect to pay a higher commission fee. 

Maybe someone else is interested in this? If not, I´ll still make the 7 Russians and continue with the US Troops.


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