Friday, March 13, 2015

Code Red - Mountain Village - Part 1

(v.04 Playtest version)

We played an in-house test game last weekend so after months of only moderating demo-games, I finally had a chance to roll some dice myself and take the player perspective again.

We played two small forces (600pt lists) of US Army against Insurgent forces.

As US Army player, I put together a very straightforward list, selecting two Army Squads with good morale, a platoon commander with medic and a Humvee as an armored, mobile Machinegun-platform (GPMG).
As Objective for my opponent I chose "Exfiltration", which would require him to get a High Value Target out of the area to win.
The US Forces were subject to Western Medevac rules, i.e. serious casualties bleeding out if not tended to or evacuated to safe back areas.

The Humvee is missing on the picture

The Islamist Insurgents selected a well-led force of local militia with a few sparse support weapons.
All in all, they had 21 men (4 leaders though) but only one RPK-LMG and one RPG.

In addition, the Islamists decided to put in Rules of Engegement, forcing my troops to take PID checks to engage unidentified enemy units. And they added reinforcements to their list, so they could call in new recruits to keep up the pressure.

The US Objective would be a "raid and secure"-objective, requiring the US troops to capture a strategic location on the map and clear it of any enemy presence to win the game.

The Insurgents were subject to rudimentary first aid, making their chances for survival very slim once they´re hit.

The table was then deployed. 

Rolling for the starting zones, we ended up with the Insurgents rolling the faaaar edge of the table. As this table edge was very hard to reach (in the edge of the room, you can see the two walls...), we decided to roll again and ended up with the Islamists deploying left an the US taking the right table edge.

The edge would have been a better starting place for the Insurgents with more covered approaches and hard protection against fire. This way, the Insurgents started in a slightly more exposed location...

That´s it for now as I have to leave - I´ll be back with the rest of the report later (or tomorrow if time doesn´t permit finishing it today) - stay tuned!

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