Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mountain Warriors

I had a very productive streak today and painted away some of the things on my workbench and on top of that even finishing some more sculpts. I think I could go on deep into the night today, very high energy level today, can´t believe it´s that late already.

I´ve been longing to do some snow bases for a while now, trying out a new technique I discovered while browsing through the interwebz. Today I decided that I have enough insurgents to employ as foreign fighters so I could "sacrifice" a few of those to try out snowy bases.

I also finished a few more rock formations that had been lying around for ages - feels good to finally have them done.

So below, Insurgents with snoy bases + rocky outcrops as cover. I´m pondering with the thought of doing some dedicated snowy mountain warfare terrain and figures, but I know myself well enough that I´ll drop the idea soon...  unless I find some convention that makes building up such a force worth the effort. There is a local one in June, but I´m not sure if that´s enough time to get a high quality set done. And I don´t have a concept how to fill a table with such terrain.
We´ll see.

Anyway, Insurgents:

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