Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weapon Assembly & More

I´ve been fiddling around (literally) and started work on some new weapon prototypes that are supposed to replace and improve my current designs.

With some new material using plasticard and finer tools, I was able to improve on my previous attempts to create weapons in 1/72 scale. Again, training and exercise make themself felt and I´m actually pretty pleased with the results. Finally the frustration I felt earlier when building weapons is giving way to some satisfaction. 

Furthermore, I´ve been working on some more Portugese - the pseudo-kickstarter project for the Colonial Portugese is almost funded so I decided I might as well start sculpting, the chances of someone throwing in another 20 bucks throughout the next month are pretty good I think.

If you want to throw in the remaining funds, check out the project thread on the Guild and the preorder-scheme on Enfilade Figures

And here we have some more Islamic Insurgents / Taliban for a leadership pack, already packed up by now and waiting to be shipped to the production facilities..

That´s it for today!
As always, more stuff is on the way...  

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