Wednesday, April 1, 2015

British Armed Forces

Hey folks,

a short update for today, but an update nonetheless:
As I´ve got no FAMAS ready for mass production of Modern French and got sick of doing more Chinese after finishing 7 out of 9 guys for a basic infantry squad I switched to doing a British soldier, as these would be next in line:

More Easter Eggs tomorrow...


  1. Looks good.

    One question - what kind of putty you use - they are so colorfull :)

  2. Thanks!
    That´s Apoxie sculpt, available in almost all colors you can imagine. My favourites are orange, red and a custom light blue (blue mixed with white) as you´ve obviously noted. It´s a little less sticky than green stuff, a lot softer in the early stages and a bit more grainy, so it can "break" if you flex it too much when it´s in the later stages of curing. Grease your fingers and tools a little bit when using it and it works very well. If you need more sticky-ness, mix 1:1 with greenstuff. :)
    Good luck with your figures, I noticed your work on the Guild, looks like a solid start to me!

    1. Youre welcome,
      And thanks for the info.


  3. Great looking figure. He really looks like he's laying rounds down. Looking forward to the rest,