Wednesday, April 29, 2015

More Playtesting

After a period of illness, I finally feel well enough to condense the in-game events from saturdays game into a small battle report.

I hosted a presentation of Code Red on a regional convention to get a bit more publicity. I decided to play the usual US vs. Insurgents deployment but gave the insurgents organized fighters with a solid command structure for ease of play.

Again the US Army strike force had to get in and extract important personell from the battlefield swarming with Insurgents. Their deployment included heavy support by a Bradley AFV.

The Americans deployed one squad mounted in their Stryker and advanced into the center of the battlefield to occupy key positions. The Bradley cleared the way by detonating an anti-personell IED hidden between the rock formations. 

The Infantry dismounted under the watchful eyes of the stryker gun crew....

At some point, an Insurgent RPG hidden in the compounds hit the Bradley up front but failed to do any damage. The crew chose to withdraw out of sight before maneuvering in once again to support the infantry in driving the Insurgents out of the building.

The infantry then started skirmishing towards the buildings....

The US commander, dissatisfied with the progress of his troops against the Insurgent RPGs, ordered a full frontal assault on the compound. Without properly suppressing the Insurgents, the Americans ran into a hail of defensive fire and were repelled in close combat.

The bloody result as the dust settled: 3 KIA.

Determined to secure victory before the Insurgents got to know the margin of their success, US forces advanced to secure the objective. They succeeded in making contact with the missing soldier but were soon flanked by a small group of Insurgents and driven off (taking the VIP with them of course)

The Insurgent leaders, finally realising their success of killing three American servicemen - bad press was certain - made contact with their superiors and got clearance to melt away from combat, leaving the field to the badly mauled American Task Force.

An Insurgent victory, mainly due to the hazardous assault on a well entrenched position that was not properly suppressed... and a shit-ton of bad luck.  Assaulting can be deadly, better try outflanking the opponent next time or drive them away by sheer firepower.


  1. Thought i'd follow the advice and pop over. Very nice minis by the way. UJ (BoW)