Monday, April 13, 2015

The Task Force - Part 1

After doing the first batch of Insurgents for my Mountain Warfare mini-project, I decided to switch to the first batch of Rangers to start the US Task Force operating on the Mountain Peaks.

At first I was not quite sure which camo scheme to use. Plain BDU didn´t appeal to me and I started thinking of doing a fantasy mountain camo pattern with similar overall appearance but different details. I started off painting the main uniform in Medium Grey with vest and webbing in green. Doing the helmets in black was one of the must-haves, as I think it gives them a much more badass look.

In the end, after painting the first stripes of my camo pattern, I decided that the result looked decent, so I resisted the urge to add streaks of dark brown and left it as it was, realising that I ended up with something very very reminiscent of BDU...

If I find a suitable surplus mini, I might try adding some streaks of dark brown to create a more experimental pattern - I can always add them later to the rangers, removing them is much more difficult...

Enough talk, here´s the first part of the rangers:

I also finished the rock on the right. The snow is modular by the way, so I can play with the same terrain pieces with snow or without - whatever suits my needs.

Next up:  New pictures of the latest sculpts of Portugese Colonial Troops.


  1. Lovely paintjob- what is the modular snow made from?

    1. Thanks! I´m using acrylic caulk mixed with white color and baking soda (a bit of water might be required as well). Coat it onto a flat surface, let it dry and you´ll get a somewhat flexible patch of snow. :)

  2. Yes, great paintjob! Nice looking figures. Nt really into post 1980s Afghanistan but these figs may change my mind.