Friday, April 17, 2015

French and Insurgent

Another quick update on some recent work. I´ve just finished the first test miniature for a French infantry unit modeled after the Operations in Mali and CAR. Probably not going to appear anytime soon, but I´ll be building up the masters bit by bit and push release them when ready.

Also added another Insurgent to fill the next mould with more eastern european rebels - so he´ll be available soonish (early may?)

Meanwhile, I´m in the last stages of finishing the Chinese squad and preparing to move on to British and German units - mixing in a Portugese every not and then to fulfill my commitment to the kickstarted project. :)

On a completely unrelated note, we´ll have another playtest for Code Red scheduled for tomorrow, which will inevitably result in another playtest report...

Seeya soon!


  1. I like the figure in balaclava, nice animation.... very Call of Duty. A pack of guys in balaclava like this would be great!

    1. Thanks for all your very pleasant comments! The Insurgent will be part of another set of generic Eastern Insurgents, not all of them will wear a balaclava though. ;)