Sunday, March 15, 2015

Working on Starter-Sets

Hey folks,

after a bit of a break I took last week, I´m trying to continue my work on the next release package.
I´ve been going through the range of available figures on my website, which feels like it has exploded throughout the last few months and decided what to do next.

My plan for 2015 was to flesh out the major powers, USA, China, Russia, UK, France and Germany. We´ll see how far I can push this before 2016 arrives.
As I´ve also been working on my modern ruleset, Code Red (progressing at a steady pace) I thought about putting together a few starter packages allowing new people to get into the period without tedious research on troop formations, equipment combinations, etc.  and allowing them to pick up the rules together with a starter set when it´s ready.

With these thoughts in mind, I restructured my release plans slightly. The next two molds will be focussed on supplementing the existing ranges with enough figures to bundle them into a few starter sets.

I´ll be starting with Russians (who just need 3 more figure to create a good starter-pack for a small skirmish force), following on with Islamist Insurgents (Taliban) and add US Army after that.

Of course I might be working on and presenting other things as well, but these will not go into the next few moulds but saved for later. Unless I get flooded with orders and have the money to produce them all at once.

So after much blah-blah, the next few Insurgenst for another Support Weapon Kit:

Next on the assembly line: Russian Platoon Command!

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