Saturday, May 9, 2015

A venture into the digital world

Hey guys,

today I want to present something different. A while ago, I´d been watching some interesting youtube timelapses about the creation of high quality 3D models (used to produce the moulds for plastic minis). I was impressed with the amount of detail you can work into these minis if you do it properly, but wasn´t interested in it at that point.

Now, a few months later, after being fed up with marks and seam lines on my latest experiments on a 15mm horse, While waiting for the putty on my "analog" horse to harden, I thought I might try if I have a good hand for digital sculpting, giving me the option to print some 3D-masters without the flaws that manual production causes at this scale.

So, I went into the depths of the internet, downloaded a free 3D modeling software and started with a horse. And it worked out pretty well:

After a few hours of experimenting (and continuing my work on the analog horse when it was ready) my horse looks like this and already has a rider-dolly mounted:

Pretty happy with my first try, the huuuge bonus of computerised working is that you can go through trial and error without any time limit - there is no putty that hardens at some point.
Ideal if you want to try something you´ve never done before, build some concept art to get a good feeling of the right proportions and shapes.

Now I´m torn if I should give 3D printing a try to produce some dollies or unique figures... 
 But don´t worry, I´m not giving up on the hand work, it´s much faster at the moment.

I´ll be presenting the analog horse in my next post, still work in progress. 

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