Monday, May 25, 2015

Mountain Warfare: Deadline approaching

Next saturday I´ll be hosting my convention game in a regional convention near Frankfurt, Germany, with a second con following the week after in Speyer.

As I need to finish the Forces required for my little demo game of Code Red, I´ve picked up the brush this weekend and continued with the buildup. Still lagging behind a bit, especially with my key terrain piece and objective marker, but I´m confident I can finish it throughout the week.

But first, I needed to create the backbone of my Insurgent forces, which means more standard fighters with AKs. I also have to add at least one DShK HMG-Position, so I decided to paint up the kneeling chap, he should make a good ammo loader.

And the Task Force got some reinforcements, Paramedics, a Tactical Air Controller and Number 9 for the Ranger Squad. Need to paint the M240 and the Task Force should be ready to roll.

4 and 1/2 days to go, I need to speed up a bit..

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