Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fetch the Muskets! - Some Renaissance stuff

Hey folks,

some of you might have asked yourself why the blog is still called rifles and muskets. Well, one obvious reason is that "Just Rifles" sounds dumb. The othe reason is that I never gave up entirely on the idea of doing renaissance warfare.
Unfortunately, the initiative lost steam when I moved 2-3 years ago and abandoned my 10mm stuff as everyone here plays 15mm renaissance with Field of Glory. For financial reasons and as I was not super-happy with the rules (very long and "static" feeling game, I fancy more dynamic gameplay) I did not build up my own army.

However, recently our club has begun trials with "By Fire and Sword" and so far we´re feeling very positive about the game - and as it is much more dynamic and fast-moving, I´m very tempted to start up my own army in the next few months.

Until then, here are some pics of our game yesterday, where the Ottomans obliterated any enemy force they encountered through the power of their die-rolling:


  1. This battlefield lacks quite a bit of BTR-70's and T-55's. Just sayin' ... :P

    1. And yet you´ll get to see some Russian Armor... ;D