Thursday, May 28, 2015

Black Hawk Down

Projekt Mountain War continues... as I don´t have much time left to prepare (tomorrow will be a busy day) I´m currently finishing the last bits.

The scenario I´m offering for playtesting is located at the mountain peaks (duh!) and revolves around a crashed helicopter. I chose an old, half-finished UH-60 kit that´s been waiting in my stash half-built for over a year and turned it into a crashed helo, something that I´ll be using a lot more than an intact chopper.

So this will be one of the key terrain pieces of the game, forming the starting position of the US Task force which will have to disperse and pick up a casualty that fell from the helo earlier.

All the while, there will be heavy fire from the Insurgents and maybe some bombs dropped by Air Support in Danger Close situations right on the heads of the US soldiers...

I think those who are familiar with Takur Ghar will recognize the similarities ;-)

I´m curious how the scenario will play out!

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  1. Just restarted my Afghnistan scenery after 2 years, and I really should add a crashed Blackhawk to that.....of to find a cheap second hand one now, thx for the reminder :)