Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Enfilade Figures: Anniversary Special

Hey guys,

Enfilade Figures is now one year old! It´s hard to believe, but time has passed fast...

A year ago, I started with less than 15 sets scattered across 5 ranges.
Since then, the range has grown considerably. As of today, I got 44 sets available (+290%) across 10 different ranges (+100%) - with many of the new sets being considerably bigger than the ones I started with and the June releases not factored into the calculation. At the same time, with experience and training, the quality of my miniatures and my speed on creating new masters has without doubt improved quite a bit.

On the downside, I´m still dependend on external production facilities and working with very limited resources to expand my ranges. I´m in fact dependent on orders flowing in before any new sets can be produced. Having no inhouse production also means that I either need to keep stock levels low in order to have some free cash to pay for new sets or keep higher stocks and reduce new investments.
Right now, I´m going with option 1, so if you experience any issues with sets out of stock, please keep calm and carry on - my turnover is not sufficient to make buying my own machinery worthwile.

To celebrate this special occasion, I will have a very special giveaway to my supporters/customers:

Any customer who places an order within the next month (deadline July 17th, 24:00 EST) will take part in a lottery for a free custom made 20mm Modern Miniature sculpted according to the winners specification.

The conditions are:
-In order to be an eligible participant you have to have placed [u]and paid[/u] an order on Enfilade Figures via webshop or email within the specified timeframe (16.06.2015-17.07.2015)
-Multiple orders will only generate ONE lottery ticket
-Cancelling/Returning the full order will void your lottery ticket (returning parts of it won´t)
-The winner will be contacted via email
-The figure made has to be a 20mm Modern miniature (1945+) and will be made according to your specification/reference pics or description. I reserve the right to reject any proposal that I do not have a weapon-master for (making new weapons is a pain in the ass, sure won´t do it just for a single figure). I retain all rights on the miniature.
-The winning lottery ticket may only be redeemed as outlined above, no transformation into cash payments or any other compensation.
-The winner will receive a free cast of the figure, postage is on me but the package will not be tracked.

If your desired set is out of stock, you can always order via email, as long as you pay within the timeframe you´ll take part in the lottery, though your shipment will obviously be delayed until the product is back in stock.

Check out the webshop at:  www.enfilade-figures.com
or email me through  info[at]enfilade-figures.com

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