Thursday, June 4, 2015

Terrors of the Night: Wraith

Hi folks,

I´ve taken the liberty to do another diversion from my regular modern warfare stuff, doing some fantasy stuff again to train my airbrush skills and have some fun.

So in addition to my normal stuff you´ll see a bit of fantasy here and there, just like last year.
Today, I´ll be starting with a Wraith. The figure is a Death Shroud by Reaper minis and a very nice model. See for yourself:

I was surprised how good it looks with some very easy techniques - basecoating the entire model in a green tone, airbrushing the flames in 3 shades of green after masking the skeletons, drybrushing the seletons white and the flames in a light mix of green + white. Oil wash for the skeletons and here we are.

Still need to style the base, not sure what I´ll do about that. Maybe try some swampy/marshy ground where unfortunate travellers found an untimely death and haunt the night?

Next up I have prepared another fantasy miniature, built out of the remains of an old GW Tomb King set, posing as a sorcerer. Stay tuned ;)

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