Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Terrors of the Night: Corrupted Sorceress

Hello again!

As indicated before I´ve slipped into a fantasy mood and gone back to painting some more 28mm for a change. Main reason is that I need a break from my 20mm modern stuff and would like to try some new painting techniques - as well as improve my airbrush skills.
As this is much easier in 28mm, the scene is set.

Today I present you a Demonette painted to represent the corruption spreading through her body, causing the mutations you can see on the model. As written in the headline, it might be a former sorceress who dug too deep into the black arts and got corrupted and transformed by chaos, now a loyal servant to a new master...
To represent this I chose a black-blue color for the corruption flowing through her arteries towards the transformed body parts -  shining through a very pale greyish skin.

Overall, I´m pretty happy with the outcome for a first attempt - though it´s a little too bright overall for my taste - still thinking about a solution for this.  Probably need to work out the shades a little.
If you have any ideas feel free to share them!

The next one will probably be more fiery, red-brown with the claws looking more like insectoid armor. But first I need to work out the basing, got some cool idea here as well...

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  1. I like the artries, but could you try and make then a tad more subdued? Now they all look a bit bulging-ish? (not that I can paint any better though!)