Friday, June 12, 2015

Terrors of the Night: Fiery Daemonette + Zombie

Took some time today to work on more dark things and came close to finishing another Daemonette.
This time, my intention was to go with a much brighter color scheme for a change, so I selected a red-brown combination as my basic color set with a much more natural skintone.

The picture is slightly too bright and the shadows thus too deep as I failed with my light settings and didn´t succeed in tuning it to the real brightness in my photo editing program, but it´s not too far off.
The smaller pic on the right should give you a good idea on how the obscured parts (claws and feet) look.

Then  switched to another model as I felt it was time to do something different before returning to more daemonettes in the future, so I picked a Zombie hoping to complete it in my remaining time with natural light on the balcony. It was bound to be a Speedy Paintjob.

Almost did it, some minor highlights missing on the backside an some cleanup on the legs that I did not finish in time. But the most important parts are done, belly and guts look good to me and will be the main eye catcher on the figure anyway. I didn´t use any dirty tricks like gloss varnish, it´s just plain painting.

I also received more Demons today, so my supply of new figures it secured to continue with this series!

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