Sunday, December 16, 2012

BGs Christmas Calendar - 15 & 16

Now that I´ve done the painting - here are the guys No. 15  and 16 in a group footage:


  1. I like the change in camouflage. They are looking good.
    What do you use for the fields though? I have seen several displays with them including the Kapissa battle of the forum. It looks like some type of Christmas garland but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Ben,

      The fields are a recent addition to my table. Its artificial turf (plastic grass) - after I´ve stumbled upon it on our construction store and thought they look good as fields. I remember several people using them on the tabletop, so I ordered some free samples from companies who sell that stuff online and want to provide you with an impression of what their product looks & feels like in reality. The samples are ideally sized for wargaming (roughly 10x10cm) and free, as there is no obligation to send them back. Cheap & excellent looking fields!
      If you want larger sized fields, you´ll probably go to your construction store (or floor specialist) to get some of that stuff cut in 15 or 20cm stripes - unfortunately they are only available from 2m length or 4m length, but you can choose the width. Buying a 20cm wide turf mat will provide you with 10 fields (if you want them to be quadratic) and cost about 20€ around here (~15 USD) - which is still a good deal!

    2. Sorry mate, 20€ doesn´t equal 15 Dollar, I mixed up the exchangerate-calculation ;)
      It´s 26 USD.
      20€ * 1,3 $/€ = 26$.